About ADI Autosport


Our specialty is late model, low mileage, mostly one-owner vehicles at affordable prices. Our goal is not to just sell a car; but rather to help you in buying the right car for you.

How does this benefit you?
You don't have to settle for the car you can afford, rather the car you really want! This is the result of our mission in action.

What makes us different?  
Our business model is centered around you. We match you with any make, model, year, color, and option package at the right price as determined by you, the customer.

We pride ourselves on:
*   Low Key Sales Approach
We offer a comfortable and friendly purchasing environment. We will answer all your questions and address your needs in a professional manner.

*   No Hassle or Pressure. PERIOD!!
We promise never to use high-pressure sales tactics, never playing the "back-and-forth" game or the "good-cop bad-cop" routine. We will never waste your entire day on a purchase.

Repeat business and referral business are the lifeline of ADI AutoSport. We know you have many options when it comes to buying your next car that is why our treatment is first class!